A dryer is an appliance that has been held responsible for more than 15000 structure fires yearly. And most of these fires initiate from the clogged dryer vents. A serious risk!

Though cleaning the lint trap in your dryer is a good practice. Sadly, it is not sufficient to prevent a fire from sparking. Keeping your dryer safe and ensuring that the opening of the dryer vent pipes is free from any debris that accumulates over time are good practices too.

Our team of professionals at Mr.fix it forever deals with lint cleaning like a true pro. Let us deal with the lint while you enjoy our lint cleaning service that is available to you in just a call at a very reasonable price.

We are here to eradicate any loose debris within the venting pipe causing blockages with our tools and technicians. So that the accidents can be prevented.

Our Experts Will Fix Your Dryer as if it is Brand New

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